Aircraft Shutoff Valve Volume Compensators

Parker Aerospace shutoff valve/volume compensator is a multi-function hydraulic valve. Its main purpose is to increase aircraft efficiency and provide pedal feedback to the pilot....
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Parker Aerospace's shutoff valve/volume compensator (SOV/VC) is a multi-function hydraulic valve that increases aircraft efficiency and provides pedal feedback to the pilot. The SOV/VC has five valves contained within a single manifold. These valves work together to provide three basic aircraft functions.
The primary function of the valve is to increase overall aircraft efficiency by shutting-off pump flow to downstream hydraulic consumers while those systems are not in use. The secondary function is to provide force and travel pedal feedback to the pilot by using a volume compensator that reacts to the output pressure and volume of the pilot's master cylinder. The SOV/VC also has a tertiary function, which is to direct flow to the brakes to stop wheel motion during landing gear retract operations.
The opening and closing pressure (crack pressure) of each side (left and right) can be adjusted independently from 65 to 95 psi, to meet the aircraft system design needs.  The two sides of the SOV/VC operate both independently and dependently with command pressures of 0-1500 psi. During initial operation, the left and right side of the shutoff valve are separate.

Then, as one or both sides achieve cracking pressure, the two sides work together to supply high pressure fluid to the components located downstream of the shutoff valve in the brake system. Each side has its own separate volume compensator, each acting independently of the other under all operational conditions. The landing gear port provides a second method of applying pressure to the downstream components in the system, effectively bypassing the shutoff feature of the SOV/VC.

The SOV/VC has an overall system pressure rating of 3000 psi, which makes it applicable to light jets and propeller-driven aircraft that rely on a high-pressure brake control system.

• Increases aircraft fuel efficiency while providing pedal feedback to the pilot
• Independent volume compensator for each pilot pedal
• Ports per AS5202-04 or any compatible fitting with an end per AS930
• Tested in accordance with DO-160
• Fluid temperature range -67 to 180°F

• Custom opening and closing pressure ranges available.


端口数量 6
流动效率(GPM) 2.3 gpm @ 2900 psid maximum
压力范围(psi) 0-55 – Return port
开启压力(psi) 65-95 (L and R) ports
复位压力(psi) 40 (L and R) ports
最小流体温度(F) -67
最流体温度(F) 160
流体的兼容性 MIL-PRF-87257 and MIL-PRF-83282
长度(英寸) 7.5
高度(英寸) 3
宽度(英寸) 3.5
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